My app subscribes to the transaction stream, receives the first response, and then never receives anything more. This was working yesterday.

I created a new demo account this morning to see if that would help. I launched 7 short trades on the volatility indices, and then I checked the website. The profit table showed every trade, yet the site said my balance was still 10 000 USD.

What is going on? How can I trade if I don't even know my account balance is correct?


  • I'm having exactly the same problem. Transaction stream starts up OK but does not stream notification of subsequent transactions. Being heavily reliant on the transaction stream working correctly, my code so is deeply broken at the moment. All has been working perfectly until this morning. Can anyone from provide timescales on the fix?

  • This has forced me to investigate parts of the API that I didn't know. Here is what I have added.

    My app subscribes to balance as well in order to have a higher chance of getting the right balance in a timely manner.

    My app subscribes to proposal_open_contract for each trade it opens. That way I get updates throughout the lifetime of the trade. When the response contains "exit_tick", I can compare it to "entry_tick" in order to see whether the trade has been won or not. This reduces my dependency on the transactions stream.

    My app sends sell_expired if a trade expires and the transaction is delayed. Yesterday I had a transaction that was delayed by 12 minutes.

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