MAJOR UPDATE : PythonAutomatedStrategy 2.0 - Direct Purchase Link - 110€ - Download Now.

Following the growing success of my Python Automated Strategy script, I am releasing it on Sellfy for direct purchase.

I do have to admit my order handling performance hasn’t been at its greatest lately, and there have been some major delays in order deliveries on time.

To avoid this, and based on a great idea by @Nednones, the Sellfy platform is a great alternative. All you have to do is pay 110€ via Paypal, and you will get instant access to the files, with no handling delay on my side. Everything is directly handled by the online store service.

The program is called PAS V2. PAS for Python Automated Strategy, and V2 because this is already the version 2.0 which I have improved customer after customer based on their requests.

I love working on this project and will also work on paid updates or extra packages for those who desire to upgrade their trading performances even more. Paid updates or extra packages will appear as a normal package on the store, like any other product. Every time a package or update is available, I will post on this thread. If it’s a major update like here, I will open a new thread.

At the moment, 2 packages are available. Standard and Master. For info on what they contain, go to the store with the link at the end if this post.

Packages are only available for Windows at the moment, if anyone is interested in purchasing on Mac, let me know, I can do it for the same price!

The first 3 users to download the program will get notified personally and will get a free lifetime upgrade plan for as long as I run this project. This means if you purchase Standard you will get free lifetime upgrades for the Standard pack. If you purchase Master you will get free lifetime upgrades for the Master Pack.

If you have any question regarding the project, do not hesitate to PM me, and I will happily get back to you to answer your questions.

Cheers to all, thank you customers for your patience, happy money making, and happy trading! Welcome to the direct delivery experience!



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