Open two contracts one RISE and one FALL at the same exact time on the same account

Hi all,

I am playing with the Binary Bot and I was able to build the strategy I wanted but I am not able to buy at the same time two contracts going in different directions (one RISE and one FALL).

For example I am playing with the UP/DOWN 5 ticks, and I added an IF condition linked to the payout value and when the payout reaches the limit I decided, I want to buy at the same time one contract betting that the price after 5 ticks will be HIGHER and at the same time betting that the price after 5 ticks will be lower (I know that doesn't make any sense as a strategy but bear with me).

The problem is that inside the IF I can only put one action (e.g. Buy RISE) and I cannot put two actions like buy RISE AND buy FALL.

I tried also with one IF inside another IF but the system executes only the first contract and then waits the end of the 5 ticks to run again the script.

I can run two bots (one set with RISE and one set with FALL) but then I need to click on "RUN" at the same second on both otherwise they will not buy at the same time.

Any idea on how I can buy with the same bot two contracts exactly at the same time but going on opposite directions?

Thanks in advance


  • dude no sense arbitrage since the payout is less then 100%

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    dude, check out the payouts for rise and fall for 5 tick expiration. Sometimes they are BOTH over 100% simultaneously.

    BUT both contracts could end up loosing because if the exit price is identical to the entry price - you loose. So binary are still the winners in the long run.

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