Volatility Indexes Robots

Has anyone noticed that if the robot is using Martin Gale strategy the system will stop the robots once it is deep inside the loses before it recovers? If the robot is winning the system will stop it or start rejecting the winning orders and only take the losing orders? The only robots that are running consistently are the losing robots. Can anyone come out and say he/she has made money consistently from any Volatility Indexes let alone Binary.com robots?


  • Todos os robôs funcionam segundo sua estrategia, o problema é o gerenciamento de risco. Opções binarias tem um risco recompensa muito ruim, então se for usar robôs em suas negociações saiba que seu gerenciamento de risco deve ser muito bom, se não a probabilidade de perder é maior. Não existe robôs milagrosos, exitem boas estrategias.

  • I have been trading using a martingale strategy and I have never seen a trade rejected other than when I try placing an order that is larger than the stated limit, or when the total volume of open trades is over their stated limit.

    What are the error messages of the rejected orders?

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