Cannot create contract

Hello everyone.

I'm trying to create a touch/no touch contract. I can manually place the trade through my web browser but i am trying to place the same trade using my application using JSON.

{"echo_req":{"amount":100,"barrier":"123.01","barrier2":"0","basis":"payout","contract_type":"ONETOUCH","currency":"AUD","duration":24,"duration_unit":"h","proposal":1,"symbol":"frxEURJPY","trading_period_start":0},"error":{"code":"ContractCreationFailure","message":"Cannot create contract"},"msg_type":"proposal"}

Could someone please tell me why this won't work.


  • "barrier":"123.01","barrier2":"0" this range is too large and hence it fails, if you try to enter same barriers in web browser, it will fail there as well

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