to create a new bot Please any suggetion..??

I want to create a bot that open a deal when RSI > 40 and RSI <60
But bot should not open any deal when RSI is coming from 30 to 40 And should not open any deal when coming from 70 to 60.
always open deal when RSI is coming from 45 to 40 and also open when RSI is coming from 55 to 60
please any suggetion...??? I want to create like this bot but i unable to do it..
plz tell me how can I create it I am new and I dont know more about creating bot


  • Hi Sir, I do development services at

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    hi meno, please show me how to get chart index of usd, in javascript code

  • I do any sort of integration (excluding the imacros bots stuff...)

    Please contact me here and detail your request. I will be glad to give you a proposal.







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