Trading starter pack for only $20

Hi all,

I am coming to this forum to sell my trading techniques.

I am selling a trading starter package containing my knowledge, strategies, indicators and techniques in order to drive consistent profit trading binary options.

What does the package contain?

  • Over 10 indicators, classic, or specifically coded by me, for better trading. The indicators come in .mq4, .ex4, as well as some available for the trading view platform.
  • 5 top notch trading strategies, ranging from 5 min expiry to 1h expiry.
  • A list of over 50 online ressources about trading. News, forecast, analyse…
  • My golden rules for money management and risk management. Martingale, compounding, starting balance, withdrawals, daily goals… So you can not only trade better but also generate more just by a different money managing technique.
  • One fast and easy step by step process to start trading better today, and generating at least $10 in profit a day, starting with a $100 balance.
  • One guide on how much daily profit to expect with each strategy depending on your available trading budget.

The 5 top notch strategies will drive profit if correctly applied, guaranteed. For the 30 mins to 1 hour strategy, the main key is patience, and it will drive profit in 83% of the cases. Each strategy has been tested and adjusted over 1 year of trading. Here are the ITM rates:

  • 5min 68%
  • 15min 78%
  • 30min 80%
  • 1 hour 83%
  • 1 hour 80%

Each strategy can be used with another one for better accuracy. Additionally, you can contact me any time for advice about trading, I will be happy to help you.

The 5 top notch strategies have helped me drive consistent profit over the past year. Nowadays, these strategies generate anywhere between 80€ and 200€ a day for me, with the medium term strategies being the most efficient.

The strategies are guaranteed to work if applied correctly. This package is available for only $20, and I will send you your money back if you’re not satisfied with the results (if the strategies don’t work). It is a great investment with literally nothing to lose, to help you start trading the right way!

Contact me on this forum or PM if interested.



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