what code for duration trading, minutes, hours, days, month,

hello friend there who want to help me look for the code for the duration of the trading began minutes, hours, days on the web https://developers.binary.com? please


  • You can create proposal using this call https://developers.binary.com/api/#proposal and then proposal id in buy call

    5 minutes contract

      "proposal": 1,
      "subscribe": 1,
      "amount": 10,
      "basis": "payout",
      "contract_type": "PUT",
      "currency": "USD",
      "symbol": "frxEURUSD",
      "duration": 5,
      "duration_unit": "m",
      "passthrough": {
        "form_id": 7,
        "req_number": 17
      "req_id": 45
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