Create tradecopier with PHP or Javascript


i have get the job to create a tradecopier.
I want to send from one master account to other slave accounts binary option trades.
I want to use PHP or Javascript to make this.
Do you have exampels here which can be use?

My idea is to use a Mysql Database into which i save my followers.

When i open a trade in my account then my followers must get the trades also.

Hoe can recommend me which language to use PHP or Javascript?

And how can i start to make some test, must i have a company or website to use the API from or is it possible to make some test without that?


  • Hi Sir, I have a ready made product for that. Maybe we can find a deal.

    Please take a look at this presentation:



  • Hello, i can not download your mp4 file for security reasons, if you want upload your video in any public place then i can look to it.

    I have find now also a way how to code this communication, i am doing currently some fine tuning, then i am finished soon.

  • Contact me at: [email protected] or via skype: bernocchialfa

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