check open or close

edited February 2017

how to check forex market Open or close?


  • @reiber you can make use of or use and for active symbols call in response you can check for exchange_is_open

    As forex can have multiple underlying that can be open or close on different times so better to check for each underlying

          "allow_forward_starting": 1,
          "display_name": "GBP/USD",
          "exchange_is_open": 1,
          "is_trading_suspended": 0,
          "market": "forex",
          "market_display_name": "Forex",
          "pip": "0.0001",
          "submarket": "major_pairs",
          "submarket_display_name": "Major Pairs",
          "symbol": "frxGBPUSD",
          "symbol_type": "forex"
  • thanks sir

  • i want ask agai, how i can get spesifik dysplay name?
    cause i get message so much

  • you need to parse json and navigate that for example if you are calling active_symbols then parse that json var data = JSON.parse(; then loop over date["active_symbols"] and match if (date["active_symbols"][i]["market_display_name"] === "Forex"

  • thanks sir

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