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Hi, I noticed that there are some changes in the bot.binary app. Some new functions. So far so good, but one of the modification are really bad. If you run your bot all blocks which are not inside the main modules (1. define your contract here, 2....3....) disappeared when the bot stopped. Why???
For example: I have prepared outside of the main module a function which would be called if the bot run 50 times. Or I have some code snippets (better block snippets) outside of the main module for testing purposes. They all disappeared if the bot is running.
So. please change this thing back
Thank you and best Regards



  • Blocks outside the main blocks (the blue ones) are normally used for variable initialization only. I'll add a special place to keep the blocks for future use (for code snippets) and also will exclude functions from being automatically deleted. If this happens by accident and you lost a block, you can simply undo the deletion.
    I'd be glad to hear about more use cases for blocks outside the main blocks, if you need such a thing for another use please tell us.

    Thanks for your feedback,

  • The promised block is added, you can now use it to keep your blocks from being deleted. You can also use functions again.

  • Thank you Amin for this fast reaction.
    I´m curious how to use the candle and tick lists. What can I do with it? Can I read the values over a period of time? Do you have some examples?
    Best Regards

  • Yes you can. I'll send you code examples to use soon, please stay tuned. :wink:

  • Here you can find two examples of tick list and candle list usage, including SMA and EMA functions.

  • Oh yes, very cool. Thank you!

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    In the trade types is a dropdown list with "Candle Interval". For what do we need this?

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    You can choose the interval for the candle list. For example if you choose 1 min interval each of the candles in the candle list are 1 min away from their neighbors. It's also true for the candles in the chart, which means the candles are per minute in the chart. It's useful for trend analysis.
    We're adding indicators to the bot soon, if you need them you can implement them using functions like the examples, or you can wait till we add them.

  • Ah okey I understand for what this parameter is. This sound very good, the thing with the ready to use blocks for indicators. It´s not too easy to understand the mathematical background for analysing. But the example explain a lot. Thank you

  • I'm glad you liked it. You'll be able to use those indicator blocks in the next version. Currently if you want, you can experiment on them on our beta version.

  • Hi there,

    First I want to congratulate this community and in a special way BINARY.COM. I have never saw around a trading website like this, every single day there is something new going on and update. I am a member since BetOnMarkets time :smile:

    The latest use of BOTs , automatic trading is amazing!! I am experimenting with it and soon I will go live . I wish I can do a really working BOT that works in forex or other commodities. The only problem is there are often price movement in such way that the message PRICE MOVED TOO MUCH can kill your martingale strategy .can you work better with this issue please ? or is any way to accept automatically the new price and not to interrupt the BOT ? I am experimenting with random volatility but since it is a simulated price I am afraid is much more vulnerable exposed to losses. my BOT works really good with random indices but I dont know why I cannot trust it.....

    Thank you BINARY.COM :)

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    Hi trader,
    when I´m playing with the bots I never use in the payout field "payout". Use Stake instead. since I use stake I had no problems anymore with the "Price moved too much..." Error.
    The thing why you can´t trust your martingale bot is, that you never(!) could be safe with any martingale strategy. I tried many of them and many of them were work well but in all of the sudden there is a situation that burn down your half depot. You have to build in analysing methods which give you well founded signal to trade in one direction. And only then it could be make sense to martingale this direction.
    I´m very curious, so if you are willing to share your experience with the boti I would be glad to hear from you.

  • Thanks @Frika for answering the question. I temporarily disabled payout until this problem is fixed.

  • Hello!
    how to use candles list in bot? in the above examples are used only tick lists

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    the simple moving average is using ticks and the exponential moving average is using candlesticks.
    Candle Values returns a list of chosen values (in this case "Close") and the other one Read "Close" # latest reads one value starting from the end of the candles list, so if you add a number to that empty space you'll be able to choose 1st, 2nd, 3rd, ... candle value from the end (most recent candle)

  • but when you open the transaction still used ticks, but not candles. screenshot attached

  • How do I use the candle time frame?

  • Candles are just used for market analysis, they can't be used to make trades. You can use candles to guess the market trend and trade accordingly.

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    PLEASE HELP! Some changes where done to the engine again over the last 12 hours, that altered how my bot works and is not working properly. The problem also exists in the the default Martingale strategy samples. I noticed that the global variables are included into Block 1 (before they were just outside on top). I'm trying to figure it out otherwise in the meantime with no luck yet, so I thought I'd ask. I wonder if it's an "engine" problem or the need to just re-code it in a different way.

    PROBLEM: if contract is lost, unable to buy another contract at a higher price, (martingale doesn't go on a ladder) it just keeps buying the same level 1 contract value.

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    Yes it seems that the global variable are now included into the "define your contract "block. In every trading loop they would be initialized like at the beginning when bot is started. This is defintely wrong. I think Amin can answering to this issue

  • This is my first time here and i'm really impress by all the comment i read most important about creating of bot which i'm really curious about i sent an email today on how to use some common technical indicator into the bot system but seeing example of moving average now i think they will add more to it .another thing can someone use mt4 binary EA on bot? Thanks

  • Please for the benefit of we newbie can you show us how we can create the full bot or if there is a video we can watch to catch up

  • @Carraskov @Frika That's right, there was a problem in binary bot that caused it to stop updating the trade amount. The problem is now fixed. The new behavior is intended though, you should be able to add more blocks in the first (trade definition) block. The reason for this change was the previous behavior was making some confusion. Now it should be working without problem.

  • @JJ16_ FYI We are adding more indicators to the bot so you can use to detect the market trend. I don't think it'll be possible to use the mt4 EAs in binary bot directly, they should be rewritten in the binary bot blocks. We are preparing new tutorials, code samples and videos, please stay tuned for more info.

  • @Amin Marashi said:
    @Carraskov @Frika That's right, there was a problem in binary bot that caused it to stop updating the trade amount. The problem is now fixed. The new behavior is intended though, you should be able to add more blocks in the first (trade definition) block. The reason for this change was the previous behavior was making some confusion. Now it should be working without problem.

    YES! All working fine now and as newly designed. Thank you.

  • Here you can find more examples and videos.

  • Thank you @Amin Marashi for your tutorials. Bot is improving every hour :) not just every day . Just one question, from time to time I get an error saying 'Cannot read property "ChartX" of null' but not always .
    has to do with something with my BOT or is a bug .


  • No, it's obviously a bug. Thanks for reporting, I'll look into fixing it.

  • Please,i am a novice to programming.I have been working with the block for a while.I will like to know how to add indicator to the bot.where and how.Thanks

  • We're making more examples and videos. If you have any special use case in mind please share with us so we can help you create it.

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