Automated trading from MT5 E.A to servers

Hi everyone.
I guess some of you may be interested in this topic, hopefully.
I got a problem and you may help solve it.
How automate my trading from mt5 expert advisor to servers ?
There is certainly a page at that gets url-encoded Web-request (user, passwd, amount, duration, symbol, call/put) & web request exists in mql5 langage.
Does anyone knows something about that ?
Many thanks, guys.


  • Yes, you can use API and integrate your own application with it. I created a MT4 <-> gateway for my own use so I assume it is easy to do the same for MT5.

  • Hi Gelson.
    I tried to attach a file.mq5 but it seems it's not allowed ?? ( & I'm not that great programmer , & by the way french, 59 old, from Paris, association founder )
    string signal = "id_ea=1&symbol=" + _Symbol + "&operation=SELL&value=" + (string) + "&";
    The thing is : which page to call at to send the data. You certainly know if u're moderator .
    And it's not an app I need located in a web page of my own, altough it may be the solution.

  • provides a WebSockets API which you can talk to from your own application. It is not as simple as attaching a file and send it; you need to develop an app to talk to it. There are example code at this site, but you really need a developer to turn that into something usefull.

    I´m not a moderator. I´m just a (really bad) developer working at my own application that allows me to send orders from MetaTrader4 to :-) Never tried integrating MT5, tho.

  • Hi Gelson.
    OK I got it.
    I am another really bad programmer who surprisingly enough comes with a working mt5 e.a simulating binary options. Please tell me if I am wrong : a personnal app on a personnal website sends orders to, in order for followers to copy trades, right ? Kind of like did, before becomming inaccessible.
    So if you want to share your app with me, I am interested. Just tell me your conditions. Thanks.

  • Please contact me at [email protected]

  • please have sen> @Gelson said:

    Please contact me at [email protected]

    please have sent you a mail for a potential ea development with the mail Title "About Mt4 to" on 16/02/2017

  • Hi guys, maybe it is not the correct thread but i want to inform that I have a solution for trading inside MT4.
    Anyone interested contact me at: [email protected]

    Thank you,


  • Alessandro, why are you deceiving people? You do not have a code to trade from MT4 directly, you offer your bridge. Different bridges are now a dime a dozen. I'd like to find a solution to work directly using the code MT4 (MT5)

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